23.05. 2006 Munich,  Muffathalle

Okay, here we go for the 185th time - Saga live, - okay okay, maybe not that often, but I've seen 'em at least 20 times before. Like always. always the same, always good, and 1000% perfect, like Saga has always been, are and always will be.
And literatually that's it!
But, because usually concert reviews are a bit longer than this here, I would like to include some thoughts, which always wander through my grey brain cells. 'I'm at home' - the double of Freddy Mercury, - singer Michael Sadler shouts out in the best german he's able to and with a glorified smile on his face. Why that? Okay, let me explain. Munich has always been the best place to be and play for Saga. In no other town in Germany or even Europa are that many fans like here. Nobody really can explain the reason for this. But it's a fact and the venue is filled almost 'till the very last spot with faithful admirers of the canadian rock'n'roll culture. (The band has even recorded their most famous live album 'Transit' here in Munich). And according to this visible affection of our musiclovers here, I ask myself every time, why the chaps haven't moved over here. Because in these days in Canada, people have to think about, where or when they heard the name Saga before. Sad but true. 

Back to the live action here and tonight, and one more question comes to my mind straight away, or should I better call it a fact. Because there's another phenomen of this band, one no other artist has got. It's the miracle, that there is no difference between a studio recording and a live performance of Saga. Close your eyes and you think, you are listening to a record. And if there weren't the comments and announcements of frontman Sadler, you'd even believe, it's playback. But it's not, I can asure you. But don't ask me, how they do it, to demonstrate this artistic act so clear and straight ahead. Oh by the way, clear is also the sound, - which is a matter of course for the band. They are one of those rockers, I never need to complain about  bad acoustical  sound circumstances like i unfortunately forcet to at so many other occassions. But no surprise after Saga's usual 3 hours soundcheck each time. The brothers Crichton take a bath into perfection. Showing no face expression, no emotion the play their parts - perfect, clear and steril. No, I got no bad critics, there are no edges, no weak points, and Saga's performance is 150% perfect and without mistakes. - But..... where is the emotion?! Oh, before I forget, there is a small change in the line up. The band changed the drummer, who now is Brian Doerner, formerly involved with - also canadian rocker Helix. 
And there's another little negative aspect, probably only me, recognizing it as a photographer. It's the bad light conditions, which forces me to use flashlight at some pictures. And the famous laser transfer on the back of the stage is missing. What a pity.

Although Munich is delighted and gives Saga an euphoric applause with huge banners showing their love for the group. Sadler sheds some tears and doesn't find any words for a sec. And for the third time tonight, he repeats: 'I think, I'm really home'. Of course you are.... and it feels so much better to play in front of a full house instead of an half empty venue. 
Two pieces of the new album 'Trust' find their way on the set.   

otherwise, the usual hits dominate the scenery, like 'The Flyer', 'Wind Him Up' and last but not least the encore 'Humble Stance'. (see setlist above). Yep they made it again, like always here in Munich  to say it once again.... 1.200 freaks go home happily after, and Sadler and co. vanish in the night and even from Munich straight away. They've gotta play a gig in London tomorrow in a club with only 2 to 300 fans.
So what?  God bless Munich.... for sometimes inbetween..... don't ya' ?!