25.05. 2006 Munich,  Olympiahalle

                                                                                     'Hi Tim, how are? - everything okay?!' 

It's was nice meeting you in Hamburg last summer. And now you are here in munich, only with a tiny difference. In Hamburg we had all the time in the world to talk, and now in Munich I've got to share you and your collegues with 12.000 other people. And you don't know yet, I'm here somewhere inbetween.

Yes, today some special sparkle is surrounding our Olympiahalle - temple, sort of holy shine, if you wanna call it so. It's this special little something, which let's this night becomes somehow wonderful in a modest and inconspicuous way. No supportband either.
The lights go down on time quarter past eight. You come on stage, inconspicuously, like I mentioned it before, in shirts and jeans. No hello, no announcement, just reaching out for the instruments and starting playing. And off we go with 'Take It Easy'. Yep, that's your standard - for one of the biggest Rock'n'Roll bands ever. It's showtime with a lot of understatement  but with a whole lotta class. You don't need no bombast, no overdimensional stageshow. And this is part x of the Fairwell Tour. But I can remember, im Hamburg you smiled and said it was only Fairwell Part 1. And there might be a second one or third. Who knows. So let's take it by surprise. 

But first of all, we are here right now and celebrate all the big hits you had. Each of you get's his solostint and is stepping out in the front,  not just once. Jes.... I've gotta say one more thing just besides... your collegue Don Henley, drummer, singer whatsoever and somehow seemingly the boss of the whole club, has changed a bit according to the visual aspect and once so slim silhouette. But okay, we all don't get younger, don't we. But as long as voice and knowledge don't suffer, who cares about those things. Glen Frey still seems very sophisticated. Joe still moves beyond of Eden in his personal kinda madness. But he may, otherwise it wouldn't be him. And 'Live's Been Good' underlines his aura including his helmet with the camera.

But it wasn't planned, he's gonna catch me, just when I'm writing a short messange to a friend, saying how good the show was. I mean, who likes to be transfered on a big screen, with an ovious lack of interest, which ain't true, honestly. Jesus wept, it frightenes the hell outta me. And I put my cellphone in a pocket for good tonight. It's my own fault, though. Why do I need to sit in the first row?
By the way, you've got a new touring guitarist named Stuart Smith, who we have heard before of.

Unfortunatley no photopass this time and very strict conditions. We help ourselves with trick 17 - as we call it. I mean, what's up to the pics.
You haven't got a setlist either, not details. But there's no need really. 'Witchy Woman' one of my alltime favorite has already happened before as the second song. And one pearl after the other rolls along. ‚The Long Run’,  ‚One Of These Nights’, ‚Life in The Fast Lane’ etc. etc. I wouldn't come to an end, naming all of them. And to get it straight, all of these great songs wouldn't fit in one giglist anyway. There are much too many. Hey Tim, when you sing inbetween, most of all your 'I Can't Tell You Why', it's like a shiver running down the neck because of these high tunes you be able to catch so well. 
It seems so soft and fragile like you are. - Joe always going for - let's get crazy - including this 'Rocky Mountain Way'. Geln - still the countryboy and Don - yes of course, the voice is sooo familiar, and 'Boys Of Summer' and Dirty Laundry' is a must. 'Down At The Sunset Grill' a song, just made for the band. Last but not least not to forget 'Heartache Tonight' and so on.... 
Oh by the way, after a little more than one hour, you put in a break with the promise to come back to play even more songs for us.
We are stunned. No, it's not the cult and not the superstar status. It's more the absolute harmony, the total musical knowledge, perfection and the ability to combine all those stylistic exceptions. Rock meets Pop with a huge country slang. Nobody is surprised anymore, that this band is still doing so well after all those years and sell every big venue out within hours. - Okidok, back to the happening here. Part 2 has just started with an accoustical performance first of all. - Just to mention it besides all this. there are a lot of famous people in the audiance here to check you out. And they all become really small in front of this stage, in front of you. 

Yep Tim, you all have been phantastic once again. But why do I say this. It's a matter of course, - and no other expectation ever existed. The spirit is shining brighter than ever. And what other, than 'Hotel California' is the first encore. But that's far not all. Back again for one more song and another one, including  Joe's 'Rocky Mountain Way' - his slogan, as I would name it. And again, - no finish. 'Desperado' makes the finale. 
The sparkle is vanishing. And like you started out in the beginning, also the end is also very modest down to earth.
I mean, which other band plays for three hours (without the break) and gives three encores. I know only one artist, and that's you.
And the only other thing I've got to say and which is left is: - my god this was sooooo good. 

PS:  That's it. You come in front of the stage to wave good bye. And in the very last second, you catch me and remember me. Thank you for that. And I hope to see you again.

                                                                             ‚Hey  how are you? - everything okay?!'

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